"Phone. Home"

Act 1

All informations appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real or imaginary persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental (available locally).

How does it take to make this call?

(available locally).

How long would be the telephone number if we took 10 minuts to dial it?

  • I tried that data was as realistic as possible. The movie E.T. is set in North California. I searched the prefix of Yreka, a town in North California which has a forest zone. The landing scenes from the movie are in a forest zone. The E.T. phone number is based on the first digits of number \(e\).
  • A possible generalizatin would be using old phones (with rotary dial), in which we spend more time dialing 9 than dialing 1.
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[1] Bordoy, X. How long would it take to call e.T.? Guess http://theque.somenxavier.xyz/content/3-acts/phone-home.en/ … in my 3-act activity #mtbos welcome comments. https://twitter.com/somenxavier/status/710472612414169089.